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Rest Stops is a journey novel that explores what it means to be family.When Edgar and Kianna's mother dies it is up to their Uncle Luis to drive them from Springfield, Massachusetts to Miami, Florida to live with their grandmother.

 Their journey sends them on many twists and turns as they learn about each other and themselves. Told through the unvarnished voices of its characters, Rest Stops is a book about finding and claiming home, redefining family, and every person’s quest for identity. 

“Elizabeth Slade, in this beautiful and richly compelling debut novel, takes us on an epic family road trip unlike any you’ve ever read—a harrowing comic-tragic quest that, by the end, transforms into a deeply moving meditation on family, identity, resiliency, and love.”

~Kenny Cook
author of Love Songs for the Quarantined and Last Call

“A luminous, modern-day odyssey by a writer of enormous talent and heart. Rest Stops is an unflinching, beautifully crafted tale of struggle, loss, hope, and redemption."

~ Dena K. Solomon        author of Discordia: The  Eleventh Dimension

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